while out shooting with Antony (@blxckvish) yesterday, i had this outfit. 
comfy for any situation that would require me to crawl on the ground to take pictures -just in case-, and also because it was raining slightly hard, i had the hat.

you saw that coat before, it's oversized and goes well with any neutral colors:).

(i look like i'm pouting too often...)

hat: Pimkie / crop top, high waisted shorts: stylemoi / coat: JollyChic / bag: Romwe / shoes: Vinted FR

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let's go on with my obsession with thigh tights!

those ones were even more daring than the bow tights and i noticed how a lot of people stared. they probably thought "why is a 15 years old girl wearing this" hahaha ._.
i have to admit the whole outfit -without the tights indeed- makes me look like a young high schoolgirl or something.

striped crop top: stylemoi / suspender skirt: OASAP / tights: asianiCandy / bag: Romwe / shoes: Vinted

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for this time, my favorite color-combo, black and red! 

that outfit is fine for fall, as it's cold but not too much. 

i've owned quite a lot of suspender tights for a while now. i find them really original and feminine, but also somehow daring. people stare a lot when i wear those, so i always wonder if it's because they're not used to it because they might think i'm wearing real garter belts or because i'm not wearing them right. 
anyway, the real challenge is wearing them without looking too trash haha.

you can get them here on asianiCandy, and also the skirt.

hat: Pimkie / coat: Oasap / skirtbow tightsasianiCandy / shoes: www.wholesale7.net

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long coat, here it comes again!
that one was from my friend Rara, i used to wear it a lot when i was in Paris during my internship. 
actually it's a bit oversize for me as it is a EUR40. 
and once again, one of my fav colors when it comes to clothes, burgundy.

i worn it with a plaid dress, which is pretty basic considering the color. the sleeves have another layer which make it even more feminine. (though my friends said it makes me look like a sort of maid.. *cough*)

also, did you notice that i was almost only wearing sneakers -especially the Stan Smith ones- lately?
i used to walk quite a lot and run a bit everywhere so that was still the best choice, but these platforms are also really comfy to walk with. 

coat: H&M / dress: TrendyFine / bag: thrifted / shoeswww.blackfive.com

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mood: die antwoord - baby's on fire

whenever i get to wear something red like that or a skirt such as this one, i feel like it's Xmas haha.
but what this outfit has in particular is that i'm wearing a faux twinset: the sweater is combined with the "skirt"!

i got it here on TrendyFine.

i'm surprised we still have some warm days, but at night it gets really cooold. it's so hard to dress comfortably. 

faux twinsetTrendyFine / hat: Pimkie / shoes; Adidas

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