playing black and white!
lately, i've been digging all these black and white outfits i've seen during my internship in Paris.
at the place where i was working, all the team was so stylish and perfectly knew how to mix very old school clothes with black clothing without looking weird.
i've been thinking about changing my style a bit, and wearing more classic colours but still, i can't separate from my other coloured stuff haha.

ah and by the way, as a big shoes lover, i finally got some cut out boots! this is quite the trend lately and i really wanted a pair for myself. 
you can check mine in details here!

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university is now over and i graduated! which also means that i'm on summer break:)

i have now left my apartment in Dijon and i am back at my parents' in Troyes.

hat: Pimkie / jacket: iAnyWear / dress: Persunmall / shoes: Wholesale7

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not my usual style, but why not! at least very comfy.
i got this tank from To the top ORIGINAL and as it's free size, it's kinda big on me, so i decided to wear it as a dress. perfect for chilling!

snapback: WASTED / oversized shirt: bro's / tank: To the top ORIGINAL / socks: Asos / shoes: Gmarket


definitely not used to this blogging thing. i can't seem to ever find time to post and i never know what to say!
i've been blogging for like 4 years but i'm still having hard times posting regularly. be sure to follow my Instagram to get every update!

i actually posted a few outfits on my Instagram a while ago but still haven't make the posts on LB/my blog, so you'll see them coming very soon in the next days here.

also! i had a photoshooting for Vinted France  2 weeks ago in Paris. i'll talk about it a little bit very soon!

jacket: iAnyWear / blouse: 6KS / necklace: VJ-Style / skort: Choies / pumps: Dresslily


thrift shopping!

i was able to go thrift shopping~
in my hometown (Troyes), there are a few thrift shops where you can get awesome stuff for really nothing. like, 2-3 euros (i guess that's about $5-6?)
during my internship in Paris, i couldn't even dream of thrift shopping there. the prices are like prices of new clothing in stores and well, what students like about thrift shops are:

- the prices (because we're poor!)
- the feeling of getting something so rare for nothing (or maybe it is just me)

so, can you guess what's from the thrift store in my outfit?

the looong coat.
and for only 5 euros. yep yep.

i also found another dark emerald green jacket for 3 euros, i'll post it some time later:)

(once again i could not stay serious.. hahah)

coat: thrifted / tank: mom's / jeans: Zipia / shoes: Shelly's London

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