staying in the basics, but this time with some light and girly colors.

those Stan Smith shoes really go well with everything. i'm usually not fond of sneakers because i use to think it's not very girly, but it's really easy to match with any outfit. a must!

 tee: Pimkie / bag: Lookbook Store / pants: H&M / shoes: Adidas

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a step to my future (?) change!
i only tried to wear basic colors and clothes for once, and actually i was pretty much surprised, because a lot of you liked this style on Instagram. however, i think this style is more a trend for guys than girls (we saw a lot of "all black" trends lately..).

All, one of my friend who is actually into this trend. haha

anyway, more single shots!

hat: Pimkie / cardiganbagLookbook Store / skirt: Romwe / shoes: Adidas Stan Smith

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going for a more classical style. i don't know why.
lately i've been thinking i should stop wearing flashy colors and stuff, like restricting to black/white/blue/burgundy and nude tones. so i've been reselling quite a lot of things from my closet that i don't wear anymore, but who knows how long this is gonna last. i'll probably regret it soon or later haha when i'll realize how my closet looks dead.

polka dots! not an easy pattern in my opinion.

and also some backpack love!
 i rarely wear any backpack because i feel like i'm 14 and back to high school times.. and actually with my baby face, it just gets more credible. but well. i guess sometimes it doesn't hurt ot change. i generally always wear messenger bags. but that one is just lovely! it comes from Lookbook Store.

another pair of perfect shoes i found on Vinted for only 10euros. definitely my favorite shoes right now! they just go with everything.

hat: Pimkie / cardigan and bagLookbook Store / tank: mom's / shorts: OASAP / shoes: Vinted

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so late with all the blog posts and mixing them all up. they're not even in the right order anymore, but whatever, as long as i post about all the outfits!

maybe some of you already know, but back in June, i got a sunflower tattooed on my wrist. it has a very personal meaning to me, and i have to say i quite love everything which has sunflowers. so i was very glad to find matching shorts for my tattoo haha!

you can find it here.

also, more details about the backpack in the next post! 

also, i found these super cute wedges from André on Vinted. i almost never buy on there, i only sell my clothes. but i have to admit sometimes there are some very good deals!

 shorts: OASAP / bag: Lookbook Store

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do you often wear maxi dresses?
for me, it's the only one i have. it's not even a really casual dress, so i don't even know when i can actually wear this without doing "too much". but for sure it's super pretty and i'm glad i'm enough tall to wear this haha.

i got my dress for a very affordable price here, and they also have tons of other pretty clothes!

hat: Pimkie / dress: Vessos / shoes: Dresslily

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