sunny days are coming and i'm so ready with my Dean sunglasses from L'usine à lunettes!

L'usine à lunettes offers you designer's frames from €6.99!
by suppressing the costly intermediates. in other words, you can find some very unique pair of glasses, up to 28 different shades of glasses and save up to 80% of the price.
they also offer you directly certified opticians, 5 kind of glasses, 4 thinning indexes, anti-reflective and scratch resistant included.

jacket, jeans: thrifted
top: H&M
shoes: Vans


this post will be a bit different than the other ones, i'll be doing a review for a flat iron this time!

how ironic, my hair is naturally already super flat, and i have to admit, i prefer it curly. 

for a reminder, that is how my hair naturally look like :

until now, i've always used curling irons to give my hair some volume, but i got to try the Diamond flat iron from Irresistible Me. i've been told plenty of times that flat irons usually give a more natural effect than curling irons.

well, it's quite true, but as it's my first time using a flat iron to curl my hair, i wasn't really used to it.
it can go up to 230°C really fast so the effect on the hair shows almost right away. i only used it around 170°C because i was afraid of burning my hair haha.
anyway i'm pretty happy with this hair straightener, it works perfectly, just need to try a few times ;)



(direct link)

eyewear: L'usine à lunettes (Bubalus Black)
boots: André

probably one of my latest winter look, let's just go for all black!
Bubalus Black is one of those classic frames but the golden part in the middle makes it all.



Daniel Wellington for Christmas, part 2♥


hi guys!
just to let you know that there is a special offer for Xmas going on Daniel Wellington right now! 

you can get a classic watch + a NATO watch strap + the gift packaging as a whole. if you're still struggling to get a beautiful gift, it's not too late :D
remember that you can use the code DWJAE to get -15% off your order until January 15.
and again, shipping and return are free for any purchase of a watch;)

so yes, in my case, as i already have a DW watch, i gifted the watch i got to my BF. ^_^

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