long coat, here it comes again!
that one was from my friend Rara, i used to wear it a lot when i was in Paris during my internship. 
actually it's a bit oversize for me as it is a EUR40. 
and once again, one of my fav colors when it comes to clothes, burgundy.

i worn it with a plaid dress, which is pretty basic considering the color. the sleeves have another layer which make it even more feminine. (though my friends said it makes me look like a sort of maid.. *cough*)

also, did you notice that i was almost only wearing sneakers -especially the Stan Smith ones- lately?
i used to walk quite a lot and run a bit everywhere so that was still the best choice, but these platforms are also really comfy to walk with. 

coat: H&M / dress: TrendyFine / bag: thrifted / shoeswww.blackfive.com

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