not afraid of winter!
yesterday was a tough-cold day, but it didn't stop me from wearing only a sheer shirt with a denim jacket. can you tell it's thrifted? i've been looking for that kind of jacket with that fitting for at least two years, and i got it for only 3€ in a thrift shop, that was a 12 years old size! 

i've also made it to heels again, i think i haven't been wearing heels for a lonnnng time, so i was afraid that my feet might hurt, because i've never been really good at walking with heels for a long time haha.

also it's quite a shame that i didn't get to take any really good picture for this shirt, because it was already late and so dark outside, and also because i put it under the skirt. but that shirt is made from suede and sheer and it's actually pretty original. 
you can check it in details here and the fit is perfect!

hat: Pimkie / denim jacket: thrifted / shirt: stylemoi / skirt: Romwe / shoes: André


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