so i've been thinking about whether i should keep this blog or not. 
actually, i've been blogging for at least four years now, i first started with a photography blog when i was on tumblr and it somehow turned out into a "fashion blog".
i never liked calling myself a "fashion blogger", because i don't think i'm one. i just liked sharing about my daily style.
what i never liked about blogging was having to tell "around" the outfit: like what i was doing that day, why i wore that, and blablabla, blablabla.
honestly, isn't it just super boring? i don't like talking about myself, about what i did, i honestly don't see why anyone would care about it. and i somehow always felt obligated to type something, if not the blog post would look too blank. but that's just not me.

i just want to share about my style preferences. that's why i'm really active on Instagram, because i can post photos without saying much.

so should i keep it or not?

i decided to keep it for two reasons:
- being able to post many photos about an outfit
- letting you know the direct links of the clothes (at least when they're available)

so my next posts will probably resume to photos + links only.
if you want to keep updated about other random stuff, then it'll probably be on Instagram! i often post random thoughts:)

beanie: Wasted Paris / striped crop top, denim overalls: stylemoi / bag, shoes: Adidas


  1. Keep your blog!! I love seeing your outfits.

  2. I love this combination :)

  3. You've totally hit the nail on the head. That's exactly how I feel too. I love fashion and style, and I love sharing what I wear just as much as I love seeing what other people wear, but I just get so stuck with the writing bit; I feel like people aren't really interested in the details haha :(
    I really admire your style :)
    Check out my blog if you fancy it. Julia xx



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