hat: H&M
glasses: Polette
two-pieces: Choies
blazer: Oasap
shoes: Black Five
watch: Cluse (code: doan15 for -15%)

ok time for review!
i'm getting this huge luck of trying monthly a pair of glasses from Polette (french people can actually order on L'usine à lunettes) and i will take the time to write a small review each time.

first, a few words on Polette, it's basically an online eyeglass store and it offers massive choices. there are so many different cool designs, it took me years to choose a pair! from trendy to classic to vintage, you can really find any style. they also have sunglasses!
also, their prices are just super affordable considering the fact that you can get prescriptions for your lenses, starting from $6,99, you literally just want to buy everything. (they even say that if you find cheaper, the boss is willing to take off his pants haha!)

so here is my first pair (called Nelly, i think they're only available in black atm), as some of you already know i am nearsighted and you can pretty much tell i am not wearing my usual circle lenses, i look so different haha!
i haven't changed glasses for years and the old ones i had were so old-fashioned that i would only wear them at home. 

these one have that cute and vintage vibe and i just love them. round glasses are quite popular lately i think, but it's probably what suits my face the best though. i got the lenses slightly thinner because of my prescription, and also they are anti-reflective, so what can i add, i don't ask for much more, that's just exactly what i need hehe.

there are so many other frames that i want to try, so you can expect some other reviews from me in the future!


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  2. Cute! love that two pieces outfit


  3. God, you're so cute, so beautiful ! I love your outfit too ♥


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