review on geo big grang grang choco


review on geo big grang grang choco, sponsored by Pinky Paradise.

i take horrible selfies but at least i hope we can see the lenses properly!
right now, i have 4 pairs of lenses in total, 3 of them are brown, the other one is gray.
i feel like all the other colors look weird on me, so i'm more into having different shades of brown.
these photos were taken in daylight and of course i'm way far from looking that white, i only got plenty of lighting on my face so we could see the lenses haha.

comfort: 9/10
i know it's bad but i'm used to keep my lenses on for a very long time every day, much longer than advised. because i usually sleep late, i keep my lenses for a longer time, and these ones were very comfortable to wear.

enlargement: 9/10
the diameter is supposed to be 14.8mm, but actually, they're HUGE! a lot bigger than what i expected, especially for brown lenses. lately, most of the new circle lenses have a diameter of 15mm so i thought these ones wouldn't look too big, but i kinda felt like i was wearing black ones. i think they give the biggest enlargement effect from all the lenses i've owned until now.

design/color: 8/10 
they blend perfectly well as they are dark brown just like my natural color. you will really notice them only if you look really closely: they are slightly lighter. 

overall i'd say i'm pretty satisfied with these lenses, the only thing is i'm still not very used to the enlargement. 

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