design your own kini swimwear!


this gorgeous #customkini has made its way home!
and what's awesome about it is that i got to entirely custom it hehe. 

 the very last time i did a review for a bikini was back in 2012 and actually i didn't get the chance to go to any place wearing a bikini again since then. that's to say i only own one bikini in my closet. ow~

i got the chance to design my very own bikini with Kini Swimwear. honestly, who doesn't dream about her very own and unique bikini?
so i started trying out the options and i was pretty surprised (and pleased haha) to see how many choices they provide. first, you can choose what kind of swimwear you want; not everyone wears bikini.

everything is customizable, you can add small details, from frill to side ties..
you can also choose plain colors or patterns for your swimwear. but the best is probably that you should go on the website and see for yourself how it works ;)

it actually took my a few hours to design mine, as i kept changing my mind! i chose some pastel colors because my other bikini is black with white dots. anyway i am just completely amazed by the result, it's lovely! it turned out lighter than what i could expect from the website but i actually prefer it that way.


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