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glasses of the month: the e-polette! from Polette

this month, i get to try the 'e-polette' glasses which are basically.. glasses for nerds. just as a reminder, i've studied web & multimedia, and i'm an aspiring illustrator / photography-lover. if just like me, you spend hours and hours in front of your computer / smartphone (i don't watch tv though), these glasses are right for you. 

honestly, i don't know if i am really convinced. 
first, as you can see, they are slightly tinted. they somehow look blue-ish like on the pictures, but when you wear them, your vision will be slightly yellow-ish. as someone who works a lot on editing photos and illustrations, they aren't really practical for me because i need to see the real colors when i work. :/ 

secondly, they don't come with prescription. and because i am nearsighted, i always have my prescription glasses on, OR my lenses. but when i wear lenses, it's generally because i don't want to wear glasses, so... you get the point.

in the end, the only moment i really get to wear these glasses is around bedtime. i often use my phone for an hour or two before sleeping (yes, that much). but actually, i am SO used to stay in front of computer screens for hours that i don't even really see the difference, so it's kinda difficult for me to tell if these glasses would really be useful. the good point though, is that the frames are super pretty!:)

also, i've been asked a lot if Fashion71 was trustworthy. so far, everything i've received until now is true to size & pictures, so i am very pleased with the stuff i ordered. they have so much choices and a lot of unique products just as the two-pieces and shoes from the outfit shown above. moreover, the prices are also really affordable, so of course we could say you get what you paid for, but the quality is pretty much decent.:)

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